A 12V/2A adapter is a power supply device that converts AC (alternating current) voltage from a wall outlet into DC (direct current) voltage of 12 volts with a maximum output current of 2 amps. It is commonly used to provide power to various electronic devices and equipment that require a 12V power source.

Here are some key features and specifications of a 12V/2A adapter:

  • Input Voltage: The adapter is designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, typically ranging from 100V to 240V AC. This allows it to be used in different countries with varying power standards.
  • Output Voltage: The adapter provides a stable DC output voltage of 12 volts, which is suitable for devices that require a 12V power supply.
  • Output Current: The maximum output current of the adapter is 2 amps, which determines the amount of current it can deliver to the connected device.
  • Plug Type: The adapter may come with different plug types, such as a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC plug, which is a common size for many electronic devices.
  • Cable Length: The length of the cable attached to the adapter may vary, typically ranging from a few feet to several feet, providing flexibility in positioning the connected device.
  • Compatibility: The 12V/2A adapter is compatible with a wide range of devices, including LED lights, CCTV cameras, routers, audio amplifiers, and other electronics that require a 12V power source.


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