8 channel relay,5V version




The 8-channel relay module consists of eight 5V relays and associated switching and isolating components. It is designed to facilitate easy interfacing with a microcontroller or sensor, requiring minimal components and connections . Each relay on the module has the same circuit, and the input ground is common to all eight channels .

The pinout of the eight-channel relay module typically includes the following:

  • GND: Ground reference for the module
  • IN1 to IN8: Inputs to activate each relay channel
  • VCC: Power supply for the relay module
  • RY-VCC: Alternate power pin for the relay module
  • Power supply selection jumper
  • Indication LEDs for relay output status .Each submodular of the relay has one NC (normally closed), one NO (normally open), and one COM (common) contact. This means that there are 8 NC, 8 NO, and 8 COM contacts in total. The NC contact represents the normal closed port contact in the state without power, while the NO contact represents the normal open port contact in the state with power .


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