An 8-pin narrow IC socket is a component used to securely hold and connect an integrated circuit (IC) with 8 pins in a circuit board or socket. It provides a convenient way to insert and remove ICs without soldering, allowing for easy replacement or testing.

Here are some key points about an 8-pin narrow IC socket:

  • Pin Configuration: The socket is designed to accommodate ICs with 8 pins, typically arranged in a 2×4 configuration.
  • Narrow Width: The socket is specifically designed to have a narrow width, which helps save space on the circuit board.
  • Material: IC sockets are commonly made of plastic bodies with metal contacts, providing durability and reliable electrical connections.
  • Pitch: The pitch of the socket refers to the distance between adjacent pins. For an 8-pin narrow IC socket, the pitch is typically 2.54mm (0.1 inches).
  • Compatibility: The socket is compatible with various types of ICs, such as microcontrollers, digital logic chips, and other integrated circuits with 8 pins.
  • Mounting: The socket can be soldered onto a circuit board or used in conjunction with a socket holder for easy insertion and removal of ICs.


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